Vichy Laboratories

Client K2 Internet, Havas Worldwide Warsaw

Vichy constantly discover new secrets of beauty and nature in their laboratories. We, in turn, have been for several years now applying the principles of laboratory precision and attention to even the smallest graphic detail to our creations for brands from L’Oreal’s portfolio.
The Vichy Laboratories brand is the closest to our hearts as we have done most work for it.

Project goals
  • Concept
  • Creative design
  • Key Visuals
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Art direction

More than once we were employed as a ”special forces team”, supporting larger than us during the most demanding graphic design tasks.

The ROXX team often acts as an advisory body and consultants, a source to mine for new ideas, and a final creator of advertising materials.

Working with Vichy we were responsible for the full spectrum of digital activities, beginning with generating ideas for advertising campaigns, through their creation, to the design and maintenance of websites.


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