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ROXX is a creative advertising agency from Krakow. We have been operating on the marketing market since 2010. During this time, we managed to prove that a small team (there are less than ten of us) does not mean small possibilities, quite the opposite. Year after year, we observe changes in the industry and follow trends. As a result, we offer our clients full advertising, promotional and graphic services, in a word: creative. Check what we can do for you and your business

What does the ROXX Kraków creative agency do?

As a creative agency, ROXX deals with everything related to building brand recognition.
We create them from scratch, but also give expressive features to existing brands.
The scope of our services includes: brand building, graphic creation, functional projects, advertising campaigns. Sounds comprehensive? Wait until you find out what specific actions we are taking in the area of each.

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Brand creation and graphic

Building a brand according to ROXX Krakow is a complete branding process . We start with naming and giving your company a recognizable ‘signature’. We create catchy slogans and advertising texts, as well as slogans. We permanently enter you into the visual memory of consumers, designing unique and meaningful logotypes, and finally constructing complete visual identification.

What else? If you need it, we design packaging that matches your company’s graphic identification. Our graphic creation department has its hands full. After all, he is not only involved in digital graphics: designing websites and mobile applications, animations and 3D graphics, but also creates key visuals. We prepare any advertising materials, including analogue ones, which appear outdoor: we create for large-format printing, but also POS jobs and projects.

Only useful projects focused on meeting the goals

We know perfectly well that even the most interesting graphics and advanced techniques will not help if a given project does not fulfill the intended function. That is why we make sure that our projects are functional. We carry out audits and usability tests, create documentation and make necessary changes if the assumed actions do not lead to the conversions you expect. All this to effectively use your budget and generate the best results without overpaying for them.

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Marketing in the network and public space

We are aware that advertising campaigns today are not only outdoor advertising, but above all internet marketing. That is why the ROXX interactive agency offers search engine positioning, social media advertising and Google Ads campaigns. If necessary, we combine activities in the network with those in public space and create campaigns engaging recipients that will be remembered for a long time.

For whom does our interactive agency work?

The ROXX Creative Agency Krakow has so far carried out projects not only for clients from Poland, but also in Great Britain, Germany and Scandinavia.

We work with both small companies and international corporations. We do not limit ourselves
to one industry, because each subsequent sector is a challenge: we are successful both in the industry
automotive, electronic as well as food and confectionery or entertainment and cosmetics.

What projects can the ROXX agency boast?

Have you used the MTV Mobile internet platform or Comarch Cloud services? You book tickets through
Multikino Media? Do you slip Danio during your work break? Then you’ve seen some of them in practice
projects. You will find more implementations made by the ROXX Krakow advertising agency in our portfolio


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