WEBCON is a Polish company that has been developing Business Process Management (BPM) software for the Microsoft SharePoint platform. The original WEBCON Business Process Suite system stands out in the market by offering innovative technological and business concepts.

  • Project goals
  • UI & UX
  • Creative design
  • Animation
  • Website

Even the best product, however, needs marketing – and this is where ROXX comes in! A list of our joint projects starts with an innovative website which is fully tailored to customer needs thanks to our original content management system.

We are also responsible for a series of advertising creations and for After Effects, an advanced animation created from scratch, which was a great success during the company’s presentation in Las Vegas.

We continuously support our customers in the development and implementation of new advertising media and graphic creations. Our designs are always well received not only in the domestic market, but also given very demanding foreign exposure.