Optopol website and photo shoots


OPTOPOL Technology

Optopol Company was founded in 1992 and since the beginning it has been selling high-quality ophthalmic and optical equipment. Devices of this brand can be found in professional ophthalmologist offices all around the world.

  • Project goals
  • Website project
  • Product & interior photo shoots
  • Retouching & post-production
  • Software interface design

Following the footsteps of modern technologies offered by our customer, we made innovative project of a website perfectly suited for mobile devices.

We focused on clean, soft design that reflects the nature of the equipment manufactured by the company, and at the same time is simple and friendly in reception.

To achieve the highest level of aesthetics – especially for the needs of creating the website, we have done photo shoots of products and office interiors.

Every device manufactured by the company has dedicated software. We have been asked to conduct usability audit and redesign the user interface of the application. We have also prepared our original set of functional icons that have been used in the software.

We are convinced that this is the beginning of a long-lasting partnership and cooperation between ROXX and Optopol. Both brands rely on the highest quality – a bar set high, this is what we love!