Wawel Dragon

Client Wawel

Wawel S.A. is one of the oldest confectionery factories in Poland—the traditions of the Cracow-based company date back to the late nineteenth century. Upon our client’s request, we reached even further back, to the legendary times of the Wawel Dragon. Our team was invited to compete and come up with a brand hero for Wawel.

Project goals
  • Concept
  • Illustration
  • Creative design

Supplied with large amounts of chocolate to give us energy and inspiration, we got down to work. On the basis of the local legend about the Wawel Dragon, we prepared a funny concept and proposed an online campaign engaging the youngest fans of sweets along with their parents.

Our creative team drew the dragon hero, made a series of illustrations, and prepared the whole post-production process along with a set of original visualizations.


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